NACIS 2016 has ended
Welcome to NACIS 2016 in Colorado Springs! This is the annual meeting of the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS). See the schedule below and check out the NACIS website for more details.

The North American Cartographic Information Society, founded in 1980, is an organization comprised of specialists from private, academic, and government organizations whose common interest lies in facilitating communication in the map information community.
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Mark Monmonier

Syracuse University
Distinguished Prof of Geography
DeWitt, New York
Last fall Esri Press published my Connections and Content: Reflections on Networks and the History of Cartography. I recently completed the manuscript for Clock and Compass: How John Byron Plato Gave Farmers a Real Address, and have been seeking a publisher. The university press with which I had a promising conversation last fall was apparently clobbered by Covid, as were my two back-up presses active in the region. Plan B is self-publishing. I'm working on another project: a series of essays (maybe even useful for a supplementary text in a college course) on the importance and place of small-scale maps.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, October 21

9:00am MDT