NACIS 2016 has ended
Welcome to NACIS 2016 in Colorado Springs! This is the annual meeting of the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS). See the schedule below and check out the NACIS website for more details.

The North American Cartographic Information Society, founded in 1980, is an organization comprised of specialists from private, academic, and government organizations whose common interest lies in facilitating communication in the map information community.

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Panel Session [clear filter]
Friday, October 21

10:40am MDT

Critical Cartography, Critical Data: Confronting New Forms of Geospatial Information
Spatial data, of one form or another, inform, shape, and define our everyday lives and choices. Generated through a host of quotidian acts, such as credit card purchases, smartphone application use, and surveillance systems, spatial data is increasingly and continuously fed into massive data systems that collect, aggregate, and analyze it in powerful, new ways. Access to and use of such data demarcates the limits and possibilities of cartographic visualization, shaping world views and popular imaginations. How we see the world through the mediation of cartographic images of spatial data has tremendous impacts on how we perceive ourselves and how we act in the world. In this panel, we ask what it means to confront, to contextualize, and to question spatial data and cartographic representation in the myriad of forms they take. How can we differentiate between the multiple subject positions that constitute a given map? What are the historical precedents for today’s conceptions and practices of data? What is the value and what are the implications of doing so for critical cartography as praxis? Drawing together academics and practitioners, the panel addresses not only what it means to think new forms of data and their representation, but also what it means to act with said data.


Jim Thatcher, University of Washington-Tacoma
Craig Dalton, Hofstra University


Susan Schulten, University of Denver
Ladona Knigge, California State University Chico
Jessica Breen, University of Kentucky
Luke Bergmann, University of Washington
Nick Lally, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Jim Thatcher

University of Washington Tacoma

Friday October 21, 2016 10:40am - 12:00pm MDT

2:00pm MDT

Typophiles' Retreat, Part 2: The Return
Daniel Huffman, somethingaboutmaps
Elaine Guidero, The Pennsylvania State University

Without regard for the concept of "popular demand," 2014's Typophiles' Retreat is back! Join your two facilitators, along with a roomful of other typography nerds, for a free-flowing discussion of all things type. This is an audience-driven session, so come prepared to share your knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm with your colleagues.

Our first gathering featured passionate debates on the merits of discredited typefaces, word association exercises, and audience members sharing their favorite tricks and web resources. If you want to find out what happens this time around, and come away with some practical (and impractical) knowledge about typography, join us!

avatar for Elaine Guidero

Elaine Guidero

Geographer, U.S. Geological Survey
I am a National Map Liaison with the National Geospatial Program in USGS; I work with some states and tribes to connect them to USGS resources. I also nurture a deep and abiding love for 1970s graphic design.
avatar for Daniel P. Huffman

Daniel P. Huffman


Friday October 21, 2016 2:00pm - 3:30pm MDT